Support Your Class

Our class collects dues which fund the Class of 1993 Treasury – the more we have, the more we can do.  All class dues are tax deductible.  Please select one of the two participation options:

  • Class Life Member –One-time payment of $500.   This adds you to the list of Class Life Members and enables the class to purchase shares in the College endowment.  These shares generate our greatest ongoing source of income and help us build our reserves year after year.  The more Life Members we have, the greater the annual payment we receive.  
  • Annual Dues –$40 once a year.  These funds go directly into our class account.  While we cannot use them to buy shares in the endowment, the money helps us continue doing ongoing class outreach. 

How to Pay Annual Dues or Lifetime Membership

Both Annual Class Dues ($40) and Lifetime Class Memberships ($500) can be paid via:

  1. Check.  Written to “Wellesley College Class of 1993” and sent to Jennifer Garrison, Wellesley Class of 1993.  Please email me for the mailing address at
  1. Paypal.  Please use the email “” to direct your payment. The use of PayPal involves fees that the Class pays, so if you can, please add $3 to the amount if possible. Thank you!
  1. Online (Preferred).


Frequently Asked Questions

Please select the type you wish to purchase and click the "Continue" button below.
Wellesley Class of 1993 Lifetime Membership
  Description:  Wellesley Class of 1993 Lifetime Membership
Membership price:  $500.00

Class of 1993 Lifetime Membership (2 Installment Plan)
  Description:  Class of 1993 Lifetime Membership *Note that you will need to come back and input in your information again for the second installment. The site won’t do it automatically for you.
Membership price:  $250.00

Wellesley Class of 1993 Annual Dues
  Description:  Wellesley Class of 1993 Annual Dues
Membership price:  $100.00